Blue Crab Connect has extended its reach to include international customers. According to CEO, Edward Dunn, “We are very pleased to announce that our company is expanding its reach to better serve our overseas clients. Our international operations will be centered in Mumbai. This enables us to be more responsive to our customers outside the U.S. by operating in multiple time zones, languages and adds a sensitivity to other cultures and customs.”

Blue Crab Connect’s international operations and services will include SEO, search marketing, email marketing and automation, social media, and more.

For more information on Blue Crab’s international offerings, please contact them at +1 504-475-4880.

Louisiana based fitness company, Sleek Physique, has selected Blue Crab Connect as its digital marketing partner.  Owner and founder Lauren LeBlanc says, “Sleek Physique offers a unique fitness experience. We are a boutique group exercise studio, providing many different classes targeted at slimming down and toning up while having fun too.  I’ve taught group exercise classes full-time for the last ten years.”  LeBlanc taught classes at Elite Fitness until finally opening her own studio in November 2013. She has an education degree and used to teach fifth graders. “Now I am able to use my love of teaching to help my wonderful clients reach their fitness goals.” she says. “It’s such a rewarding job. I love seeing my ladies and men become empowered and confident. We offer a huge variety of classes, so there is truly something for everyone.”

Blue Crab Connect is excited to be working with such a unique company in the fitness space. The marketing efforts will be focused on bringing their subscription video series, Lauren On Demand, to a global audience so that students worldwide can experience the energy and expertise that Lauren brings to her local students.

Louisiana / Texas based company Well Necessities has selected Blue Crab Connect to create its new website.  SEO, lead generation, educational content, and cutting edge marketing strategies will inform the design and execution of Well Necessities’ latest web property.

Blue Crab Connect CEO, Edward Dunn says, “We are grateful and excited about the opportunity to work with a true leader in the sleep medicine space. The team at Well Necessities has built a world class company and we intend to deliver a world class site that will not only drive new business but will also be an educational resource for those seeking to learn more about sleep medicine.”

Blue Crab expects the site to be live in  Fall 2018.

Gilsoul & Associates, a Louisiana based law firm specializing in elder care law, estate planning, and special needs law has selected Blue Crab Connect as it’s digital marketing partner. According to Blue Crab Group CEO Edward Dunn, “We are excited to be working with Joe Gilsoul and his very special firm. Their commitment to our seniors and those with special needs is truly commendable. Our efforts will be around getting their message out to those in the community who can truly benefit from the firm’s specialized experience.”

Pure H2O Systems in Bay St. Louis, MS – – has selected Blue Crab Connect as its new digital Marketing partner. The company provides whole home water purification systems, custom designed by Westinghouse, that specifically addresses the water purity issues in the area.

Blue Crab will be providing digital marketing, lead generation, and web design services to Pure H2O. According to founder Mike Soulie, “We are super excited to be working with the experts at Blue Crab to drive our digital marketing initiatives. We considered several other agencies however none presented as comprehensive a strategy for driving our business.”

We are looking forward to assisting Pure H2O in meeting and exceeding the new client acquisition goals!

As recently as a few short years ago, you could drive an entire digital marketing campaign with SEO as the primary ingredient – those days are fading quickly into the rear-view mirror as social platforms continue their ever-increasing adoption trends.

Facebook, Twitter,Instagram, Pinterest, Snap Chat are all finding their way into the lexicon of “go to” platforms in a comprehensive digital campaign. Why? Simple – attention. Where the eyeballs go, the marketers follow.

The trick is to know which tools and platforms marry well to which campaigns, demographics, and offers. In every campaign there is a golden key that will unlock the door. It is choosing the right combination, executing flawlwssly with great content, and understanding exactly how to convert the leads when they come in. It is truly a multi-faceted strategy…

• Site design
• Blogging
• Video
• Social
• Paid traffic
• Automated marketing
• Re-targeting|
• Conversion training

Each of these plays a crucial role in crafting effective marketing campaigns but some, if not done properly, can stop the customer journey in its tracks. If, for example, the website is not designed well, or the SEO is not up to speed, or the business has no idea how to convert the leads, little progress will be made. If, however, these objectives are well executed, then the other actors become icing on a well-crafted cake.

As marketers, we owe it not only to our clients but to their customers as well to have a clinical understanding of the right mix of ingredients that will render the result they are looking for and there are no shortcuts in the kitchen. As the great chefs always say, “The results are all in the prep.”

So, is SEO dead? Absolutely not. But rather than the panacea it once was, it has evolved into a mission critical ingredient in an ever more complex recipe.

Bon Apetit!