Our revolutionary email marketing system consistently converts cold leads to paying customers averaging 300% increase in ROI

Email is still king! We build automated email nurturing campaigns that add massive value for your prospects and turn them into passionate customers.

The average person spends over 2 hours per day on social media, yet there is no denying that people still check their emails and most have made it a habit to do so as part of their morning routine.

Sending an email is the best and most formal way of reaching out to individuals online.

E-mails, which have long been used in online marketing, still retain their position as being one of the best tools available and through further advancements in coding and template creation as well as forwarding, it has become possible for us to send out multiple emails at one time, easily monitor our targeted audiences, and give instantaneous responses to queries via an automated set-up.

Setting up your email marketing platforms and strategies take a significant amount of time and consideration. Not giving much thought to your marketing emails is one of the biggest mistakes a company can make.

E-mail content must be catchy yet must not stray too far away from the matter at hand. Still, it must be brief all while containing the necessary elements. This way no time is wasted nor is any important information left that would require readers to try and contact you on numerous channels just to get the information that they need.

E-mail marketing is usually difficult for the business owner to manage correctly. That’s what Blue Crab Connect is here for. We solidify your email process, plan effective marketing strategies including content, emailing schedules, and automated responses.  A properly crafted email campaign is still one of the most effective sales tools out there.

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