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Aiming for the top of the search results? Your FREE site analysis will tell you exactly what you need to do to outrank your competitors organically -  without using expensive, paid ad campaigns.


“More customers! We need more customers!” It is the eternal mantra of the business owner. Our local lead generation programs are incredibly effective and typically return near 10x on investment. We drive the traffic and your phone starts ringing with highly targeted local customers looking for your products / services. And we take all the risk normally associated with lead gen completely off the table. Let us show you how. We have years of experience in this game. We understand exactly what the search engines are looking for when it comes to local businesses and we deliver it. We understand how to craft a web presence that gets your phone ringing and keeps it that way. The only question you have to answer is - How much new business can you handle?

Call us TODAY at 504-475-4880


Let us optimize your existing web property to dominate the search engines and crush your competition.​ We know how to build the right content - the right way. We will analyze your competitors websites and out rank them even if they have been dominating page 1 for years. Don't put one of your most mission critical business assets in the hands of an amateur. We do one thing and one thing only - drive results that convert to new business and we do it better than anyone - guaranteed!


Cutting edge, SEO driven websites with one goal - drive new business and take you to the next level! Everyone these days seems to be a website builder. That's great. But do their sites do the one thing that is most important? - do they send you new business? At the end of the day, that is the only question that matters. If they are slick, beautiful, cutting edge - great! - as long as they drive results to your door. They should do both and that is where most fail miserably. Our eye for design is always tempered by our singular goal - adding more revenue to your bottom line.


Those of us who live the oft terrifying yet incredibly rewarding life of the entrepreneur or the self-employed have a certain camaraderie and bond. We have each come to understand the ubiquitous contradictions of blissful highs and spirit crushing lows. Ever we strive for more of the former, less of the latter.
We all suspect that great marketing likely holds the key but in a world of SEO, social media channels, web design, landing pages, webinars, email marketing, analytics, we feel lost in a foreign land with no map and hostile's all about us.
This is why we built Blue Crab Connect. This is why we spent YEARS unraveling the seemingly unsolvable mystery of stunningly effective internet marketing. We ignored the gatekeepers, the charlatans, the quick buck artists, the rookies, and the purveyors of false promises. There were no shortcuts - trust me on that. We married hard earned technical skills, years in the making, with cutting edge psychology and sales artistry to build a company capable of delivering on the most important promise of all - we learned to make dreams come true.
The dream of the business owner is one and the same. It is the dream of being able to do what you want, when you want, with whomever you want, as often as you want. It is the dream of giving back, of making the world a better place than you found it. It is, in the end, the dream of freedom.


We came from digital marketing agencies, web design firms, enterprise technology companies, sales organizations, and graphics houses. We collectively saw a huge need in local lead generation that we believed was under served. So we put our heads together, rolled up our sleeves and re-imagined what local lead generation could be. Then we built it, tested it, tweaked it, tested it more, until the most effective system for local lead gen ever was born.


Latest News

Blue Crab Connect Extends its Reach to International Customers

Blue Crab Connect has extended its reach to include international customers. According to CEO, Edward Dunn, “We are very pleased to announce that our company is expanding its reach to better serve our overseas clients. Our international operations will be centered in Mumbai. This enables us to be more responsive…

Sleek Physique Selects Blue Crab Connect

Louisiana based fitness company, Sleek Physique, has selected Blue Crab Connect as its digital marketing partner.  Owner and founder Lauren LeBlanc says, “Sleek Physique offers a unique fitness experience.We are a boutique group exercise studio, providing many different classes targeted at slimming down and toning up while having fun too. …

New Orleans Legend Rapp’s Luggage Selects Blue Crab Connect

Rapp’s Luggage and Gifts, a New Orleans legend, has selected Blue Crab Connect as it’s digital marketing partner. Founded over 150 years ago near the end of the civil war by a German immigrant, George Rapp, the stores have been catering to fine luggage, gifts and travel accessories clientele longer…

Imelda’s Selects Blue Crab Connect

Imelda’s Clothing and Accessories, a Louisiana based fashion boutique has selected Blue Crab Connect as it’s digital marketing partner. BCC is in the design stages of Imelda’s new website. Once complete, the engagement will move into the internet marketing phases including social media, SEO, video, and more. Blue Crab Connect…

Well Necessities Selects Blue Crab Connect

Louisiana / Texas based company Well Necessities has selected Blue Crab Connect to create its new website.  SEO, lead generation, educational content, and cutting edge marketing strategies will inform the design and execution of Well Necessities’ latest web property. Blue Crab Connect CEO, Edward Dunn says, “We are grateful and…

Gilsoul & Associates Selects Blue Crab Connect

Gilsoul & Associates, a Louisiana based law firm specializing in elder care law, estate planning, and special needs law has selected Blue Crab Connect as it’s digital marketing partner. According to Blue Crab Group CEO Edward Dunn, “We are excited to be working with Joe Gilsoul and his very special…

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