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All you need to crack the $50k per month barrier for your high-ticket offer is One simple ad, one 15 minute video, and 3 case studies...

I help businesses and entrepreneurs with high-ticket offers reach $50k-$100k per month using one simple ad, one 15 minute video (not a webinar), and 3 case studies... Without needing specialized phone sales talent.

FREE Training Video + Cheat Sheet

How To Write High-Converting Headlines FAST - Even If You Suck at Writing.

The #1 most valuable skill every entrepreneur needs is the ability to write GREAT headlines. 8 out of 10 people will read a great headline – only 2 in 10 will read the rest of the copy. If your headline sucks, nobody will read your ad, watch your video, or read your sales pitch.

In this free video and interactive worksheet, I teach you exactly how to write killer headlines and I give you the step-by-step, fill in the blank templates to get it done FAST.  Ready to 10x your conversions? Grab it now!

I'll Teach You Million Dollar Copywriting For FREE!

You’ll get  on-demand videos with interactive cheat sheets that teach you how to crank out ads, headlines, video scripts, funnel copy, and much more.

Watch The Video To See Why This FREE Copywriting Program Blows Away Others That Cost $5,000 +

Course Modules

Custom Marketing Plans

Are you confused and frustrated about what is the perfect marketing plan for your unique business? 

You have probably read books, been through programs, watched a ton of YouTube videos. There is a mountain of information out there, much of it conflicting, leaving you wondering, “What do I do?” “Where do I start?” “This SUCKS!”

I get it, I’ve been there – right where you are. It can be maddening, disappointing, and soul-crushing. It’s your dream and the only thing standing in the way is knowing exactly which steps to take, in which order, to completely change your life.

Here’s the great news. My team and I can create exactly what you need to absolutely crush it. It is a simple process where we ask a lot of questions so that we totally understand your vision. Then we craft the perfect, step-by-step marketing plan that will bring it all to life. All you have to do is follow the plan in the order we lay it out

Here’s what you get…

Video Production

Video, both short form (YouTube Shorts, TikTok, Instagram and Facebook Reels) and long form (YouTube) are generating huge amounts of new customers for local businesses. If your business is not creating video content on a regular basis, you are missing out on a massive opportunity. Just one video going viral can transform your business literally overnight and steady stream of quality videos will move the needle in a major way too.

But creating professionally recorded and edited video can be confusing, expensive, and a daunting task indeed.

  • What kind of camera to use?
  • What about lighting?
  • A teleprompter?
  • What kind of music can I use?
  • How do I edit the videos?
  • How can I share the videos to multiple platforms at once?
  • Where should I post the videos to gain new customers?

There is a much easier way.

You need a partner. We have all the equipment, technical, and marketing expertise to help you create video that will grow your business fast!

How it works...

First we'll sit down with you and map out your video strategy to include...

  • Types of Videos (long form, short form, or both)
  • Best times and places to publish
  • Best titles to use
  • Video thumbnail and
  • hashtag strategy
  • Scripting
  • frequency
  • distribution

If you don't want to be on camera, that's ok too. We can create all your videos without you ever having to be on camera.

The process...

One we have your strategy mapped out and agreed on, we will script, film, edit, and publish your videos on all of the appropriate platforms on a pre-determined schedule. All that's left for you to do is take care of all your new customers!

Contact us today for a FREE consultation so we can discuss your business, your goals, and put together a plan built just for you.

Samples Of Our Work


ED's Youtube Channel

Premium Services

Business Services

We connect highly targeted, high value customers to both local and national businesses. 

Lead Generation

Highly targeted and qualified leads for your business.

Web Design

Cutting edge web sites that are SEO driven to produce highly targeted traffic that converts.


Search Engine Optimization that works, driving a flood of new prospects directly to your business - every day.

Email Marketing

Email is still king! We build automated email nurturing campaigns that add massive value for your prospects and turn them into passionate customers.

Social Media

Social sells...in a BIG way. We craft social campaigns that build a community around your brand and we turn that community into an advocacy.

Video Marketing

YouTube is now the world's second largest search engine. We leverage the platform to source customers who are looking for exactly what your business offers.

Video Production

Video content has become a necessity for businesses wanting to grow quickly. In many cases, a single viral video has transformed businesses literally overnight. But it can be confusing when it comes to equipment, scripting, distribution, and more. You don't have to go it alone. Let us help map out your strategy and bring it all to life so you can capitalize on the massive opportunity that video is.

Copy Writing

We write story-based copy for many different types of businesses that include services, products, coaching, low-ticket, high-ticket and more.

Funnel Building

We are experts at crafting the right funnel, for the right type of business so that you can literally put your new customer acquisition on auto-pilot.

Custom Marketing Plans

Get a step-by-step marketing plan custom built for your service/product that removes all of the confusion and lays out the exact path you need to be successful.


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