Our system of using short, cell phone recorded videos on our clients YouTube channels has been responsible for #1 rankings on Google and YouTube. It is a game changer.

YouTube is now the world’s second largest search engine. Check out these statistics…

* Conversion rates increase by 86% when video is used on a landing page
* Landing pages with videos are 40X more likely to be shared
* 80% of what we see is retained
* Only 20% of words on a webpage without video are read

If your marketing campaign is not leveraging video content, you are missing out on huge volumes of traffic and business. At Blue Crab Connect, we help our clients produce video content that is optimized for targeted keywords and SEO and that means more customers much faster than traditional SEO tactics alone.

What can you do with YouTube?

Statistically speaking, people spend just as much or even more time on YouTube as they do on social media platforms – YouTube is an incredibly effective marketing tool. How so? People love videos. Action paired with amazing soundtracks aren’t just catchy but they communicate a message much faster than reading would.

As easy as it might seem to film a subject and insert music, there is actually more to making a YouTube video than that. We here at Blue Crab take that quite seriously.

Based on your projects, we give you the most appropriate video strategy to work with – whether it’s with animation, short clips, long clips, product placement strategies, we’ve got you covered. Also, giving you the most searchable and interesting title as well as SEO-friendly descriptions, we’ll make sure your video goes to the top of the list!

How do we do it?

Depending on what you wish to share we help you create the best content so the videos you release aren’t just informational but are interesting as well. Using data analysis of the latest trends in social media, we’ll make sure content delivery is up to date.

From there we’ll work with you on the filming process to make sure you get all the right angles and all the right shots from your films – including the naming and the posting of video. So, are you ready to rock on YouTube?

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