Capable of breaking or making your brand, social media and other outlets of communication brought about by technology, help us level out the playing field when it comes to accessibility of information, the width of your scope and advertising, made possible by Instagram models, influencers and online critiques.

This causes us to look forward to the next post, the next release, our social media posting schedule that sometimes we often forget our emails even exist. Wait, emails?

When it comes to ease of communication, social media outlets such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are faster, easier and overall more convenient to look into. However, emails, which take a painstaking time to compose and dig through can easily be blurred out from the picture. However, these are where you can find true gold…


Increase the number of subscribers on your email list:

You could send out all the freebies in the world from pdf, webinars, and coupons but if nobody wants to invest time and money in your site or company, nothing would ever come out of it. If planned out accordingly though, you couldn’t go wrong. Here are some of the things you could do:

Craft a more compelling offer. Giving out an offer here and there may be nice but if it’s really worth your time, would you dive in for it? Catch more audience with awesome limited offers.

Make you newsletters shareable. No matter how short your newsletters will be, people cannot just simply ignore exciting news. Articles with an impact that garners emotion encourage your subscribers to pass it on.

Minimizing the clicks it takes to subscribe. In this fast pace world, people find it hard to take the time to explore something new. Don’t make it any harder. Minimizing the number of clicks an individual needs to subscribe to your site, makes it easier and faster for them to sign up. Yes, you might not get all the information you need but you can always take it as they go.

Giving users more control on content. Interaction is the key to keeping your users engaged. You can’t really speak to all of your subscribers at once but if you can give them something to do while going through your site, that’ll give your users more exploring to do.

Lead Management is Key!

What are ‘leads’? Defined as potential customers who have expressed interest in your products or company. Getting them can be hard work! Among the best ways of developing your leads would be through social media and proper management. By proper management, we mean ways to share things through social media while keeping things interesting and mysterious. Who wouldn’t love a little touch of mystery?

Share links to gated content:  From the name alone, we get a picture of content that is guarded. How does it help? Well, if you were to give away everything interesting for free, there wouldn’t be anything special to it now would there? If you do, however, release very high value content for a sign up, this shows that there is more value to the content you are giving away.

Run Contests: People won’t mind the odds if they aren’t paying anything for it. Win or lose, there isn’t anything lost, right? Well, maybe except for the fact that you’ll ask them for their contact information. Raising their chances or making sharing your post a requirement in the competition lets you increase your audience without you having to do that much compared to you doing the sharing yourself.

Hangouts, Webinars, and Live Videos: Words, action and motion. What more can we say? Books are more interesting when paired with pictures and sites are so much better with videos. Not only do people find it faster to learn but they are so much easier to share too.

Establish your connection by Taking care of your visitors.

Generating leads and gathering subscribers is only half the battle. It is in keeping these people as part of your growing community that is the true battle. Whether it be for profit or for charitable work, it doesn’t hurt to establish a human connection with your members. To do so you have to be sensitive to your clients’ comfort zones. This includes their willingness to give out sensitive information, their age and more. In doing such, it would be good to note that each individual has his or her own schedule. As such, you must be aware of and proficient with the various communication channels you could use. Preferring one over the other on one’s personal preference may cause you to lose the support of many of your avid followers. Getting a better grasp of when Emails, Direct Mail, SMS, and Presentations should be used, not only do you show sensitivity towards your users but you save up on costs as well.

Digging through Your Emails

Studies have revealed that 52 percent of all your recorded views come from 10 percent of your openers. This marks the number of individuals that open your emails, read through your site and send queries.

Take advantage of this by reaching out to these individuals. By sending out online surveys, review platforms, and even special offers, you give you and your avid readers ways to continue your relationship. At the same time, you give them something else to look forward to.

A great way to identify these individuals would be through the use of a click report. Giving you feedback on the number of clicks an individual makes on your site, a click segmentation tool automatically categorizes and assimilates these individuals into your email list.

Doing so also helps prevent your emails from going into the spam folder of your followers.

Cart Abandoners

Just as you have followers, it is unavoidable to have people who completely ignore your listings or who do after deep contemplation and demonstration of interest decide that your company, products or offers might not be for them.

Known as Cart Abandoners, these individuals may still be won over. With a strategic deployment of enticing emails such as those that offer incentives when a sale has been completed such as free shipping offers, free samples, complimentary consultations, free services and the like you can grab their attention and get them to try your products/services.

Event Registrations

If your company is keen on events, your email list is a great way to promote them. If your patrons see that they are welcome to join occasions such as store openings, holiday celebrations or even online events, they are more likely to feel warm and welcomed by you. This, in turn, creates a positive relationship between your clients and yourself.


As nice as events are, we can’t really host one every month. Not only would they be time-consuming, but they may also be costly and may even be counterproductive once overdone.

However, giving your users something to look forward to whether it be daily, weekly or even monthly creates anticipation and develops habituation. A great example of such would be hosting a sale on particular items on the 1st of every week or offering coupons for purchases made on a particular time of the day. This drives your users to stay in touch with your site and it also helps fuel that desire to stay updated with what you have in store.

Setting an unconscious schedule to your users, habituation make it easier for you to reach out and expand your network.

Social media is now a massive force in the lives of millions of people. Facebook has over a billion users – incredible. We have expanded our reach exponentially to form truly global communities through the power of social networks.

Defined as websites and applications that allow us to create and share content among our peers, communities and to the general public, social media has opened the doors to many possibilities – business opportunities, e-marketing and the like. Every trending company today is undoubtedly using social media for business and for good reason, it just works.

With competition rising day in and day out, the vast number of options people encounter in a day make it difficult to rise above all the noise and get your social posts out to a large audience. To get our posts noticed, we of course need to make them not only as catchy as possible but in line with the following standards. We are sharing our 10 best tips which can dramatically increase reach of your social media posts…

1. Keep an Eye on your Content

The basic rule for content on social media is to keep it of a very high quality. Not only should your content be related to your business, it should be trendy as well. The more trendy your topics are, the greater the likelihood of them being searched for and read by your potential audience. You can use free tools like Sumo to find out which topics are trending today.

2. Engage the Audience

Get engagement as early as possible is the rule of thumb in social media. Your Post should be attractive. Nobody likes listening to that boring “monotone” professor. Why would you think anybody would want to read something like that? Though information and details should never be left out, it couldn’t hurt to add a little humour here and there. Keep it fun!

3. Internal Links

Though from a glance it might not seem like much, but internal links actually guide your readers and help them get more information on topics or items which may need further discussion. These also adds value for your audience as it allows them to further interact with your site or posts.

4. Developing a Catchy Subject Line

Just as newspapers make their titles as enticing as possible, you should do the same for your posts and articles. Plain or repetitively used subject lines won’t just be a bore, it will virtually guarantee that people won’t bother to read, much less share, your post. So don’t stick to what everyone else is doing. Stand out, be unique with your subject lines. Don’t stray too far of your topic though- you wouldn’t want readers to think you’re writing about something else than what you mean to.

5. Quizzes

Interaction is the key! The more involved your readers are, the more their interest will pique. A light trivia or even a simple know-yourself-better quiz will definitely keep your readers scrolling down. Having some problems making one? You could always check out quizzes other people have created. If that doesn’t help there are also online quiz generators you can make use of.

 6. Make Use of Videos

Adding pictures to a book brings more life and dynamism to a story. Similarly, videos have the same effect on your posts. With music, action and visual examples, your posts become more interesting.  At times, videos also offer a better explanation than plain words ever could.

 7.  Add content as a conversation starter

Every single person on social media is ready to communicate. Involve more people to stand out. For example share a live video. People love it when we “Go live!” Then personally respond to as many of the comments as possible.

8. Evoke Emotion

Ever heard of the saying “people may forget what you said but they will never forget how you made them feel.” This holds true for whatever you post, write, share or even do. The stronger the emotions felt by your audience, the more attached they become to what you are talking about.

9. Plan and Schedule

Why bother with planning and scheduling your social posting? Because organization is still a valuable asset to anything we do. This holds true to social media posts as well. Planning out your posts per week, per day or even per month, gives your audience something to look forward to and grow with as they follow your postings. This also gives order to your work. Make a schedule, put it where you will see it, and stick to it! You want to be frequent and consistent, just not intrusive. Once a week is minimum but daily is probably a bit much. By the way, Wednesday afternoon at 3 pm is optimal posting time for maximum engagement.

10. Hashtags and Tagging

A key element to keeping your posts at the top, hashtags and tagging should be made in accordance with your content and topic. This gives your readers a peek as to what’s in store for them if they dig deeper and these also help pique their curiosity.

So that’s it. If you follow these guidelines, your posts will shine, stand out in all the noise, and most importantly, create engagement and start a conversation and that is the whole point.

Go post something!