• September 22, 2017
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As recently as a few short years ago, you could drive an entire digital marketing campaign with SEO as the primary ingredient – those days are fading quickly into the rear-view mirror as social platforms continue their ever-increasing adoption trends.

Facebook, Twitter,Instagram, Pinterest, Snap Chat are all finding their way into the lexicon of “go to” platforms in a comprehensive digital campaign. Why? Simple – attention. Where the eyeballs go, the marketers follow.

The trick is to know which tools and platforms marry well to which campaigns, demographics, and offers. In every campaign there is a golden key that will unlock the door. It is choosing the right combination, executing flawlwssly with great content, and understanding exactly how to convert the leads when they come in. It is truly a multi-faceted strategy…

• Site design
• Blogging
• Video
• Social
• Paid traffic
• Automated marketing
• Re-targeting|
• Conversion training

Each of these plays a crucial role in crafting effective marketing campaigns but some, if not done properly, can stop the customer journey in its tracks. If, for example, the website is not designed well, or the SEO is not up to speed, or the business has no idea how to convert the leads, little progress will be made. If, however, these objectives are well executed, then the other actors become icing on a well-crafted cake.

As marketers, we owe it not only to our clients but to their customers as well to have a clinical understanding of the right mix of ingredients that will render the result they are looking for and there are no shortcuts in the kitchen. As the great chefs always say, “The results are all in the prep.”

So, is SEO dead? Absolutely not. But rather than the panacea it once was, it has evolved into a mission critical ingredient in an ever more complex recipe.

Bon Apetit!

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